Young Living Grand Convention and Traveling with Friends

R'Oily Well Blog Post
October 2, 2015
R'Oily Well Blog Post

Young Living Grand Convention is the best investment you can make into your business and yourself. If you want to grow, this is a must! Traveling with friends is the only way to go. My name is Deanna and I am one of your R’Oily Well Team Leaders.

Young Living Grand Convention

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 2015 Young Living Grand Convention this summer in beautiful Grapevine, TX. I must say, it was better than I anticipated. Sometimes when you think about attending these events you picture a lot of hype and not much education but it was exactly the opposite. There were those speakers that were quite motivational but they were truly sincere and all products of the product, Young Living users. They all had touching and personal experiences to relate. Then there were the experts that really got into the educational side. Doctors that went into so much detail that I thought my head would explode, and I consider myself fairly smart! Experts in finance that taught not only how to be debt free but how to structure and grow your Young Living business to aid you to that end. Then there were the Diamond and above leaders that shared freely their experiences and how to duplicate their success without repeating their mistakes. All in all, an amazing experience, but what made it better was traveling with friends!

Young Living Grand Convention 2015

Traveling with Friends

Wouldn’t it be great if all work was fun and sharing good times with good friends? One of the best things about my Young Living business is that I am on a team with my best friends. They are my leaders and they graciously took me to the 2015 Young Living Grand Convention. Wow, right?!! I will definitely pay this forward. It gave the boost I needed to really get focused on my business and sharing. It also gave me a glimpse into what I want my future to look like, filled with friends and fun on a path to fulfilling my dreams. Yes, I’m working my butt off but it’s so rewarding because I get to do it along side these awesome people and I’m working toward what I want, not fulfilling someone else’s dream. Of course, in the network marketing model, me getting excited and building my business will help my team. It will help those friends (my leaders) to grow and those I share with (my team) to grow as well. When I say I’ll pay it forward, it is a goal of mine to extend the same opportunity, to get to Grand Convention, to one of my friends that shows some gumption but just needs that extra umph.

Traveling with friends

Making New Friends at Young Living Grand Convention

I also got to connect with some of my upline that I barely knew. We ate dinner together, laughed and drank. We sat up late on several nights just brainstorming ways to boost our sharing. We quickly realized that we all had our own unique talents to offer and decided that we really did work well as a team. That’s what I love about being a part of this organization. It’s not a competition but a family. We all have different passions and goals but we all love the Young Living lifestyle and strengthening our bodies through nutrition and essential oils. When we do this, the body will take care of itself. Knowing that I have the support I need from those I call friends gives me the confidence to keep sharing with intent and building my own team and business. The 2015 Young living Grand Convention was a huge part in boosting my business and I will not miss the next one. Visiting the farm is my aim at the 2016 Young Living Grand Convention. I can’t wait to travel with friends, and make new friends too.


Discovering Strengths

Just a quick little note about finding our strengths and having fun. While waiting for our group of friends one night we decided to try to figure our how to Periscope and what it would look like. It turns out that one of my strengths is technology and social media . We had a really silly and fun time. Check it out.


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